Bro. Garrett A. Morgan, Sr.
Inventor traffic light and gas mask

Bro. Robert Abbot
Founder of the Chicago Defender

Bro. Richard Allen
Founder/first Bishop of the A.M.E. Church

Bro. Dennis Archer
Former Mayor of the City of Detroit

Bro. Alexander T. Augusta
First African-American to head a hospital in the U.S.

Bro. Marion Barry
Former Mayor of Washington, D.C.

Bro. William “Count” Basie
Orchestra leader/composer

Bro. James J.G. Bias
Founder of the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee

Bro. Henry Blair
First Black to receive a U.S. patent

Bro. James Herbert “Eubie” Blake

Bro. Edward Bouchet
First Black to be elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society

Bro. William Wells Brown
First Black to publish a novel

Bro. Nathaniel “Nat King” Cole

Bro. Ossie Davis

Bro. Martin R. Delany
First Black to matriculate from Harvard Medical

School First Black Major in the U.S. Army

Bro. W.E.B. DuBois

Bro. Alexander Dumas

Bro. Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington
Orchestra leader/composer

Bro. Medgar Wiley Evers
Civil Rights leader

Bro. James Forten

Bro. Timothy Thomas Fortune

Bro. Alex Haley

Bro. William C. Handy

Bro. Matthew Henson

Bro. Benjamin L. Hooks
Former Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P.

Bro. Jesse Jackson
Founder of the Rainbow Coalition and Operation Push

Bro. Maynard Jackson
First black mayor of Atlanta

Bro. John H. Johnson
Publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines

Bro. Jack Johnson
First Black heavyweight boxing champion in U.S.

Bro. Absalom Jones
First Black Priest in the Episcopal Church in U.S.

Bro. Dr. Ernest Everett Just
One of the founders of Omega Psi Phi and and Renowned zoologist

Bro. Kwame Kilpatrick
Former Mayor of the City of Detroit

Bro. Don King
Boxing promoter

Bro. Lewis Howard Latimer
Inventor of the carbon filament for light

Bro. Thurgood Marshall
Former Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

Bro. Benjamin E. Mays
Former President of Morehouse College

Bro. Leon M’Ba
First President of the Republic of Gabon

Bro. Kweisi Mfume
Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P.

Bro. Richard Pryor

Bro. Alexander Pushkin

Bro. A. Philip Randolph
Founder and First President of the International
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Bro. Charles Rangel
U.S. Congressman

Bro. Joseph Jenkins Roberts
First President of the Republic of Liberia

Bro. “Sugar” Ray Robinson
Former mid/light heavyweight boxing champion

Bro. Arthur A. Schomburg

Bro. Rev. Al Sharpton
Civil Rights Advocate

Bro. Carl B. Stokes
First Black Mayor of Cleveland, OH

Bro. Louis Stokes
Former U.S. Congressman

Bro. David Walker
Author of “David Walker’s Appeal

Bro. Booker T. Washington
Educator and Fonder of the Tuskegee University

Bro. Daniel Hale Williams
First surgeon to perform open heart surgery

Bro. Bert Williams

Bro. Granville T. Woods

Bro. Andrew Young
Former Mayor of Atlanta and U.N. Ambassador

Bro. Lawrence Douglass Wilder
The First Black elected Governor in this country from Virginia.