2022-2023 Grand Lodge Appointed Officers

Grand Junior Deacon, PM Larry Hooton (166)
Grand Senior Deacon, PM Robert Carter (3)

Grand Senior Steward, PM Marquis Roby (170)
Grand Junior Steward, PM Vernon June (18)

Grand Medical Examiner
PM/Dr. Lavert Morrow, MD (80)

Chief Grand Marshal
PM Clinton Favors (7) Chief Marshal
PM Will Ferguson (80) Chief Marshal Emeritus

Assistant Grand Marshals
PM Anthony Brown (186)
PM Albert Rucker Emeritus (23)
PM Jerome Wilkins Emeritus (46)

Chief Grand Attorney
PM Robert Parson (166)

Assistant Grand Attorneys
Bro. Charles Kirksey (182)
PM Jon Gray (Judge) KCMO (186)

Grand Registrar PM Arthur Day (179)
Asst. Grand Registrar Bro. Brian Seals (8)
Asst. Grand Registrar PM Arthur Grimes (18)
Asst. Grand Registrar Bro. Ronald Robinson (182)
Grand Registrar Emeritus PM Kossuth Baker (171)

Grandmaster’s Personal Security PM Edgar Edison (182)
Grandmaster’s Personal Security PM Eugene Bohlen (2)
Emeritus Grandmaster’s Internal Assistant PM Daryl Harris (182)
Grandmaster’s Internal Assistant PM Christopher Daley (182)

Grand Lodge Webmaster & Public Relations PM Mario Gaitan (128)
Grand Lodge Public Relations Sister Dawn Bell (OES)

Grand Historian PM Byron Hams (148)
Grand Archivist PM Ron Wilson (134)

Masonic Temple Security PM Will Ferguson (80)
Security Emeritus PM Marcus Moore (18)

Grand Pursuivant PM Kenneth McCree (92)
CCFC PGM Henry R. Willis (12)

Election Chairman PM James Simmons (15)
Grand Youth Director PM Kevin Fauntleroy (18)

Area Youth Supervisor 1st. & 5th. District (will be selected by the GYD)
Area Youth Supervisor 2nd. & 3rd. District (will be selected by the GYD)

Grand Photographer, WM. Terry Mills (167)
Asst. Grand Photographer, PM Joseph Campbell (187)
Asst. Grand Photographer, PM Jermaine Jenkins (170)
Asst. Grand Photographer PM Steve White (178)
Asst. Grand Photographer PM Jerome Hutchinson (148)
Asst. Grand Photographer PM Daryl Barksdale (173)
Grand Photographer Emeritus PM Oscar Johnson (79)
Grand Videographer PM LeRoy Gill (2)