PGM William Reynolds
PGM Edward Johnson

Constitutional Chairman and Personal Representative of the Grand Master to Harmony Grand Chapter
PGM Lucas Lowery (80)

Planning Committee Chairman
Jackie Thomas (15)
Committee Members TBA

Ways and Means
Chair – Daryl A. Neal Sr. (167)
Lou Thomas (Ticket Chair) (7)
John Rucker (80)
In Line Grand Officers
Committee Members TBA
Emeritus Members; Charles Alexander, Sr., Jackie Thomas (15)

Grand Master’s Personal Representatives
DGM Lamont Mitchell, AEAONMS
Henry Willis (12), USC/SJ and Phylaxis Society
Lucas Lowery (80), Harmony Grand Chapter
William “Bill” Baker (25), Liaison Kansas

Bingo Commission
PGM Preston O. Sanders (159) (Adviser)
Charles Brown (7) (Bingo Chairman)

Otey Hamilton (7)
Edward Gray (146)

Appeals & Grievances
Chair   PGM Preston Sanders (159)
John Bogan (6)
Robert Durham (2)

Audit Committee
Chair   Kossuth Baker (171)
Johnnie Tolliver (151)
Rory Green (159)
Michael Shelton (167)

Resolutions Committee
Chair    PGM Rodney Terry (24)
PGM Lucas Lowery (80)
PGM Edward Johnson (6)

Grand Attorneys
Jurisprudence Committee
Chair PGM Preston Sanders (159)
PGM Franklin Richardson (170)
PGM William Reynolds (148)

Resolutions Committee
Chair PGM Rodney Terry (24)
PGM Lucas Lowery (80)
PGM Edward Johnson (6)

Credentials Committee
LeRoy Gill (2)
Marcus Moore (18)
Bernard Turner (1)

Election Oversight Committee
Chair   Melvin Bell (179)
Joe McAtee (12)
Michael D. Gilmore (148)
PGWP Adonis Perkins OES
PGWM Barbara Davis   OES

Constitution & Subordinate By-Laws
Chair    PGM Lucas Lowery (80)
JGW Anthony Fisher (166)
Stan Phillips (24)
Kendrick Henry (3)
Robert Carter (3)

OES Members
PGWP   Ivory Graham (170)
GWP     James Simmons, II (151)
AGWP Elmer Cunningham (186)

Past Master’s & Blue House Degrees
Chair   PDGM Charles Crump (2)
PSGW James C. Moose Jr. (80)
PJGW Ron Jones (170)
PM Jamell Mixon (171)
PM Michael Banks (159)
RW Kevin James (8), Advisor

Strategic Planning:
Chair   PGM Edward Johnson (6)
RW Lorenzo Ware (181)
RW Derrick Roberts (15)
MW Malcolm Morris (148)
DGM Lamont Mitchell (182)
RW William Elliot (180)

Grand Financial Officers
PGM William Reynolds, (148) Adviser

Masonic Temple Committee
Chair   Will Ferguson
James Eppinger (80)
Chris Dailey (182)
Dave Thomas (8)
Steven McGregory (3)
RW Vincent McLemore (23), De Facto Member
PGM Henry Willis (12), Advisor

Historical Commission and Phylaxis Society
Chair   Ron Wilson (134)
Robert N. Campbell (46)
SGW Torres Beckley (178)
Kenneth Joy (159)

Public Relations
Chair   Mario Gaitan (128)
SGW Torres Beckley (178)
Steve White (178)
Richard Williams (148)
Herbert Green (15)
Lou Thomas (7)
Stan Austin (128)
John McIntosh (18)
Andrew Turnage (3)
Terry Mills (167)

Grand Lodge Education / Scholarship
Chair       DGM Lamont Mitchell (182)
Co-Chair Keith Hart
RW William Elliott (180)
RW Edward Coursey (168)
Dr. Derald Davis Ph.D Edu. (24)
Michael Shelton (167)

MO Chip Committee
Chair   SGW Torres Beckley (178)
Liaison Byron Hams (148)
Melvin Bell (179)
Kendrick Henry (3)

Fraternal Relations
Chair   Byron Hams (148)
East   Chip Vincent (159)
West   Mashawn Smith (25)

Budget and Finance
Chair   RW Lorenzo Ware (181)
MW Malcolm Morris (148)
RW William Elliott (180)
PGM Henry Willis (12)
PGM William Reynolds (148), Adviser
Grand Financial Officers

Health and Wellness
Chair    Dr. Lavert Morrow, MD (80)
Dr. Lee Hill, DDS (179)
Eric Lilly (3)
Lorenzo Ware (181)

Membership Committee
Chair    MW Malcolm Morris
In Line Officers

Special Advisers to the MW Grand Master
PGM William Reynolds (148)
PGM Rodney Terry (24)
PGM Franklin Richardson (170)
Deputy Grand Master Lamont Mitchell (182)

Collegiate Society
Chair   Steven McGregory (3)
Robert Mason, II (179)
Raymond Walker (164)

Veterans Committee
Chair Franklin Richardson (170)
Kendrick Henry (3)
Steve Dyson (182)
Keith Jefferson (18)

Anti-Gun Violence Commission
Chair   SGW Torres Beckley (178)
DGM Lamont Mitchell (182)
Ernest Mohammed (12)
Kendrick Henry (3)
Troy Curtis (187UD)

Life Membership and Elder care (Sick and Shut In)
Chair   RW James C. Moose Jr. (80)
Kenneth McCree (92)
Oscar Johnson (79)
Dujuan Phipps (3)

Government and Civic Affairs
Chair   Rev. WT Edmonson (9)
Karl J. Reid, Sr. (179)
Freeman Bosley, Jr. (179)
Clem Smith (179)
Lacy Clay   (7)
Rev. Emanuel Cleaver, II (128)
Ollie Gates   (128)
Rev. Wallace Hartsfield (186)
Jeffery Boyd (166)
Robert Parson (166)

Technology / information Systems
Chair    James Mackey (92)
Lou Thomas (7)
Mario Gaitan (128)
Reginald Davis (12)
Kenneth Joy (159)

Charles Drew Blood Campaign
Chair    Stanley Counts, Jr. (186) 2nd & 3rd Districts
Melvin Bell (179) 1st. & 5th. Districts
PM Buckhall (9) 4th. District
Joe McAtee (12), Sickle Cell, Special Projects